Just A Few Websites of Note

2008 October 28

If you know me, you know I waste too much time on the internet. But I at least try to pass the best parts along to the people I know. It makes me feel better, or some crap like that.

Let’s start off with probably the least interesting site: Amazon Windowshop Beta

It has potential, but right now I end up seeing shit I don’t wish to be subjected to, such as Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith. This is due to Windowshop only displaying new releases and bestsellers. So since half of America has shit taste in music (and sports, and presidential candidates), sane people have to suffer. I think the site will improve 500% once you are able to link your Amazon account to the site. I don’t get why that isn’t the deal now.

Next is something that should’ve been done years ago: MTV Music

Come to think of it, it was done years ago. Only it was on television instead of the internet. And then it was done on YouTube. So why am I even posting about it? Maybe to show that MTV hasn’t completely forgotten what that acronym stands for.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.734834&w=425&h=350&fv=franchise%3DFakeFranchise%3Dtrue]

I saw a few posts today about this site launching, and one headline said “Every Music Video Ever”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. While I was able to find the above awesome video — quite possibly my favorite growing up — the site doesn’t even have Soundgarden’s most famous music video. That would be the one for “Black Hole Sun” if you are a dumb teenager. That is EPIC FAIL. YouTube quite obviously beats the shit out of this site, even with its horrendous quality.

I have left Pete Rose’s wet dream for last: One Season

A site where you trade professional athletes like stocks. And it’s legal. And not officially gambling. It’s all based on a free market system driven by supply and demand! Sound implausible? Why do you think the stock market is a joke right now? It’s the same fucking thing. Only instead of investing in companies run by corrupt pieces of shit, you can now invest in players that take steroids and have illegitimate children across the country. You even get $10 free to start out with! Sign me up, please.

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