A Mets Post Without a Clever Title

2009 February 26

Spring training has started. But before the players even have a chance to get settled, some of them are going off to play in the World Baseball Classic. I’m not a huge fan, because not only do a lot of guys choose not to participate, but none of them are in mid-season form. I really love this idea. Fangraphs never disappoints. That is genius, but it will never happen because Bud Selig is a worthless, blubbering idiot.

Anyhow, I figure this is as good a time as any to post what I’m looking forward to this 2009 Mets season (and what I’m not).

I dread seeing:

Luis Castillo – I don’t care that he’s torn it up in the first two spring games — I still find his swing more painful to watch than American Idol. Unfortunately, if he continues on this road, he really might be batting leadoff on Opening Day.

Oliver Perez – This should be obvious to anyone who knows me or has read my blog before. Once he starts to display some semblance of consistency, he implodes spectacularly in a flurry of walks, mixed in with whatever else decides to go wrong.

Carlos Delgado – Halfway through the season, I will want him gone — just like the past two seasons.

Francisco Rodriguez – Oh sure, he broke the pointless save record, but that doesn’t make him anywhere close to the best closer in baseball. I’m just waiting for the first time he blows a couple of games in a week. It’s inevitable, along with New York sports talk becoming insufferable as a result.

I’m eager to watch…

Daniel Murphy – No doubt the guy I most want to watch play this year. I loved his approach at the plate last year an inordinate amount. He’s not going to replicate it (.386 BABIP* lol), but I’d be happy with .290/.375/.475, which is basically what Bill James is projecting him for. Of course, the uncertainty around whether he can really handle a starting role is what makes me so anxious to watch him play.

Johan Santana – The best Mets pitcher since Dwight Gooden. Dude is fucking awesome. Not much more to add to that. I still get chills when I think about that shutout the second-to-last game of the season. And then I get nauseous thinking about the last game.

David Wright – Mancrush.

J.J. Putz – Why am I excited to see Putz instead of K-Rod? Because there aren’t any expectations, and if he’s truly healthy, he’ll better than K-Rod. Mark it.

Jose Reyes – The Most Exciting Player in Baseball(TM). No, really, I keep hoping he’ll manage to keep his OBP high for an entire season. I don’t know when I’ll give that wish up.

Mike Pelfrey – Just a beast of a pitcher, and like Murphy, I’m looking to see if he can keep it up this season. He’s the type of pitcher that can be good for 230 innings a year. I’m giddy just writing that.

Ryan Church – A solid all-around player, other than his sliding ability. Once again, it’s uncertainty that makes me eager to see him in meaningful action. Will first half or second half Church show up? Hopefully, that second concussion didn’t fuck him up permanently.

John Maine – The 2007 version of Maine was the 2008 version of Pelfrey in terms of my appreciation for the two pitchers. I still really like Maine, but he needs to learn how to finish guys off. And not in the happy ending type of way.

Fernando Martinez – Near the bottom only because I’m not sure how much I’ll even see of him this season. Otherwise, he’d be right behind Murphy, considering he’s been touted as the Mets’ future LF for a while now. He needs to go one season without getting hurt first.

Carlos Beltran – Why at the bottom of this list? Because he just makes everything look too easy, and we know what to expect from him. Basically, he’s TOO good. The guy runs down balls in the gap unreachable for normal CF like he’s taking a morning jog.

But most of all…

Citi Field – Already got some tickets, and I cannot wait to check out the new stadium. I also hear the food is going to be goddamn amazing. The name may be a sore spot, but I’m sure once I’m inside I won’t give a shit that I basically paid for some poorly-run company to have its name all over the stadium.

*For the uninformed, BABIP stands for “Batting Average of Balls In Play.” Trust me, .386 is absurdly high and impossible to maintain.

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