REAL TALK – 1/7/08

2009 January 8

- I really need to start carrying around a notepad (again). With all the things that pop into my mind, but then disappear, these posts would be at least 46% more entertaining.

- Every time I decide to give Macs a chance, I see the price tag. $2799 for a laptop you can get for over $1000 less. But wait, it has a really long-lasting battery!!

- Mark Teixeira might look like a retard, but he’s one of the more articulate baseball players I’ve ever heard. That’ll teach me not to judge a book by its cover.

- Nobody cares about 24 anymore, right? Ok, just checking.

- I can’t classify myself as an e-stalker anymore after seeing this thread. I would need to create my own 2 GB folder of Veronica Belmont pictures. Jesus Christ.

- GTA IV seems to have a reserved spot on every “Games of the Year” top 10 list, and it makes me nauseous. What a turd. Yes, turd. It doesn’t even deserve a curse word.

- I would sleep so much more if dreams were more vivid and easily remembered. You know you would too. Unless you’re one of those strange happy people.

- Microsoft is releasing a public beta of Windows 7 this Friday. I recommend downloading it, as from impressions it is basically a surprisingly stable Vista SP2. I wouldn’t doubt the stability. They don’t want to frustrate any more people into buying overpriced Apple products.

- The next person who says Zach Snyder is a talented director is getting a punch in the balls. He just took the comic book frames from 300 and strung them together in slow-motion. Even if Watchmen turns out good, I still won’t be impressed until he makes his second film not ripped from the pages of a graphic novel.

- Playing Civilization IV to Command and Conquer music is a transcendent experience.

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  • speedinguptostop

    GTAIV justification is just silly. I can’t even believe the game came out so long ago. It feels like yesterday. No one I know talks about it, much different from any other GTA release. For GTA game, it simply had a startling lack of replay value, or even enough content to fight through to the end. GTA backlash is too justified.

    Zach Schnyder is not so much talented as he is dependable. This is why don’t worry too much about Watchmen – you know he won’t fuck it up because he basically wants to just commit page to screen. He did improve 300 though (not too hard, really) and added worthwhile stuff. He gets more unnecessary hate than praise, really.

  • CajoleJuice

    I say I won’t be impressed by a good Watchmen adaptation, but I won’t argue with anyone that says he’s talented. I can agree with the dependable assessment. My criticism with regards to 300 is unjustified anyway, since I never have, nor will I ever, read the graphic novel. :X

  • RichardAM

    I like 24. I’ll be watching it properly though, waiting for the DVD and blowing it all in a weekend instead of four whatever months. :/

  • CajoleJuice

    So you don’t care about the season premiere. Close enough.