REAL TALK – 12/20/08

2008 December 20

- Another reason GTA4 sucks: I’ve been playing the fourth installment in a different series — Project Gotham Racing 4 — and its soundtrack is vastly superior to the one featured in GTA4, a game which has always prided itself on terrific music. So glad I finally sold it so it no longer could contaminate my collection.

- Best part about driving in the snow is creating your own lanes since you can’t see any. “Oh, that was the shoulder? I thought it was the lane everyone was afraid of driving in!”

- Anecdotal evidence from my office Yankee Swap/White Elephant: White people like the book “Stuff White People Like”. This is very unexpected.

- Speed Racer is a more entertaining movie than The Dark Knight, at least in the sense that you can’t help having a smile on your face the entire time. If you can’t enjoy it, you have no soul. Or you suffer from epilepsy.

- I missed my chance to take my e-stalking to its logical conclusion and meet Veronica Belmont at the Engadget Reader Meetup in NYC last night. Probably for the best, as I would have pulled a Borat and attempted to kidnap her in a burlap sack.

- It’s nice to see New York be the only city take part in this year’s baseball offseason. Oh wait, I forgot the Phillies signed Raul Ibanez. Quality pickup there.

Courtesy of the NeoGAF MLB Offseason Thread

Courtesy of the NeoGAF MLB Offseason Thread

- The Bill James’ Historical Baseball Abstract should be every baseball lover’s Bible. Only this book is based on historical and statistical evidence.

- I would go into work an hour early every day if a few of us set up a game of Axis & Allies. No I wouldn’t.

- Jimmy Smits : Dexter :: Forest Whittaker : The Shield. If you don’t understand the analogy, you need to watch both shows ASAP. Your obsolete SAT test section score depends on it.

- Why are Citi Field’s seats dark green? Why is pretty much the entire stadium green? Are the Mets planning a uniform style change?

- Amazon Marketplace is vastly superior to eBay if you have stuff you just want to get rid of as painlessly as possible, i.e. GTA4.

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