REAL TALK – 3/30/09

2009 March 30
by CajoleJuice

- I bought a moleskine notebook just so I could call it overpriced and overrated. The Mac of (writing) notebooks, if you will.

- Breaking Bad is the best show on television right now. Have I said this already? Too bad.

- I am worse than Morty Seinfeld when it comes to hot deals. Steam = Wizard Tip Calculator.

- If you don’t remember when Facebook was for college students only, you’re part of the problem.

- I only hear good things about Friday Night Lights, but I can’t get over my aversion to ever watching another minute of high school football (dramatized or not). Twenty movies was enough. I don’t want…your life.

- I would like to see a movie where the princess isn’t attractive.

- This is where we come to the consensus that Wish You Were Here was Pink Floyd’s best album.

- The MLB regular season not starting until April 5th is the current bane of my existence. I now hate the World Baseball Classic.

- College basketball gets worse every year. I am qualified to speak on this due to me not watching a minute of it in regulation this year (damn 6OT game).

- There is something immensely entertaining about Patrick Warburton dropping an F-bomb. I only wish he was allowed such an opportunity in Seinfeld.

- I now personally know someone with a Kindle. That makes me feel stupid by association. And I bought a Blu-ray player.

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  • Lila

    - Moleskin notebook is completely the mac of notebooks, I used to have one back when I actually had the time to dedicate to writing (those days need to return!) Ah the beautiful pretentiousness that accompanies that little bound notebook.
    - Shrek? Although she is attractive to begin with and then turns into an ogre and stays that way! The moral of the story is that she is happier as an ogre because she can be with her fellow ogre man and live in swamptastic love forever and ever.
    - You must teach me the intricacies of blu-ray appreciation. Maybe its because I don’t really watch TV but is it bad that I don’t own a blu-ray player, nor do I intend to? However even I have to admit, watching Planet Earth on blu-ray was breathtaking.

  • CajoleJuice

    - Shrek came to my mind as well, but she started out as a generic attractive princess, so no sale.
    - There is nothing wrong with not wanting a Blu-ray player, especially if you don’t own a big HDTV. I just wanted to get as much out of my new HDTV as possible. :-)