Thank God I’m Not a Big Football Fan

2008 December 21
by CajoleJuice

Fuck the Jets. This is (Mets) Collapse ’07 Redux. Tom Brady got his leg broken in half and the Jets couldn’t capitalize this season. Yeah, they technically can still win the division if the Pats lose and they beat the Dolphins, but who the fuck expects the Jets to win that game at this point? Chad Pennington is actually doing good in Miami, while Favre has thrown for less yards than him while throwing basically an equal amount of touchdowns and interceptions. Hmm, maybe the problem is the overweight, overhyped piece of shit over on the sideline. Mangenius he is not. He’d be lucky to wear Belichick’s hoodie sweater. As much as I hate that cheating scumbag up in New England, he has managed to keep the Patriot train going without his Golden Boy/Anti-Christ. Matt Cassel has looked like a Hall of Fame QB the past two weeks. If Brett Favre got hurt — as one of my friends said — Mangini would’ve thrown in the hamburger grease-laden towel. The minute the Jets are eliminated next week, he needs to be tossed out on his fat ass. I don’t want a Willie Randolph situation where he has to be fired in the middle of next season. Not that they’re even comparable situations, as football head coaches are a much bigger factor in their team’s performance. Willie Randolph wasn’t calling plays for Jose Reyes to hit .200 in September, while Mangini doesn’t know when to go for it on 4th down. Pathetic.

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