The Mark Sanchez Honeymoon Is Over

2009 October 4

I really should have gotten more mileage out of Mark Sanchez while he was still perfect. 3-0 = savior; 3-1 = shit. He can’t protect the ball! He isn’t careful enough in the red zone! 3 interceptions — who does he think he is, Brett Favre? Come on people, we all knew this had to happen eventually, and it’s probably good it happened in a game that most people thought the Jets were going to lose anyway. It’s just frustrating that Sanchez had to throw 3 picks and fumble in his own end zone in a game where the Jets’ defense only gave up 10 points to a Saints team that had averaged 40 points its first three games — in the Superdome no less. At least we know the Jets’ defense is for real.

As for Sanchez, he does need to learn how to protect the ball, and try to get rid of the ball QUICKLY when he’s running around his own goddamn end zone. I also REALLY need to start watching these Jets’ games more attentively, or else I’m going to continue making these half-assed posts throughout the entire season. It looks like we both have something to work on, Mr. Sanchez.

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