REAL TALK – 9/25/08

2008 September 24
by CajoleJuice

- No one would know that Dropkick Murphy’s song if it weren’t for The Departed. Damn you, Martin Scorsese.

- What Metallica has achieved with Death Magnetic is incredible. Not that the album could possibly be mistaken for a masterpiece, but when was the last time a band returned to form after TWENTY YEARS? Oh yeah. Never.

- If you do something dishonest, but will never get caught for it, don’t fess up. Living with the guilt is better than living with the consequences. Just ask any lying piece of shit CEO!

- The Quantum of Solace theme totally blows. Jack White sucks. Listen to it here if you don’t believe me. Casino Royale‘s theme “You Know My Name” shits on it from a great height. Chris Cornell FTW.

- Digital downloads aren’t going to rend Blu-ray obsolete within 10 years, despite what dipshit internet analysts may think. People aren’t going to be downloading 20 GB movies anytime soon. 

- Have I mentioned that Minute Maid Fruit Punch is pretty much the greatest juice ever?

- Never buy the first iterations of overhyped new electronics. Unless that new piece of electronic hardware is the Playstation 3. In which case, you’ve already missed the backwards-compatibility train – like me. :(

- The Wrestler is going to kick a massive amount of ass. If you don’t go see it, you deserve to be Clockwork Orange’d and forced to watch every episode of Dawson’s Creek in sequential order. 

- Never Go Full Asian

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  • Lauren

    you can have my PS3 — right now it’s being used as, well… a large, tall, heavy object to keep the cats from jumping up on the bookshelf and eating my favourite houseplant.

    at least it looks nice, i guess.

  • CajoleJuice

    Will you be sending that with Gears?