A Match Made en El Cielo

2008 December 10
by CajoleJuice

The Mets have reportedly signed Francisco Rodriguez to a 3-year, $37 million deal. This has seemed like a foregone conclusion since the season wrapped up, but I really thought it was too perfect. I’m pretty sure that their compatibility rating on e-Harmony would be through the roof. K-Rod and Los Mets are like Jim and Pam. (Watch it become totally frustrating in a few years — really, I think I’m done with The Office.)

Getting back to the Mets propping up their bullpen with an overpaid — but absolutely needed — closer, I’m happy with the deal. That may be due to expecting them to pay much more. I’d like to thank the tanking U.S. economy for this. And also maybe baseball execs, for realizing closers are overrated across the board. If the Mets were a smaller market team strapped for cash, this move would probably not even classify as good, but they just gave a bigger, longer contract to Billy Wagner a few years ago. So fuck it, the guy was needed, and they got him. Much like last year with Santana. Now sign Sheets or Lowe, please. And make sure Luis Castillo never sets foot on Citi Field.

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  • malek

    The Mets signed K-Rod and I . . .

    Nevermind, my pants remain dry.

  • Anonymous

    the office>baseball