REAL TALK – 11/2/08

2008 November 2

Fuck barbers. Every time I’ve gone to one, I’ve gotten a shitty haircut. Not to mention that one time the barber pretty much Hellraiser’d me, and I was bleeding all over the goddamn place. Give me some hot older woman anytime.

The Dark Knight on Blu-ray will be the best-selling piece of software for the PS3 this year.

The next person who tries to say the poker scene in Casino Royale was good gets an angry internet telegram complete with a kick to the balls. The last hand was more improbable than Pierce Brosnan windsurfing up a cliff, or whatever the fuck happened in that scene in Die Another Day.

Every year, I try to convince myself that I’ll get really into the football season, but the passion never materializes. If Brett Favre can’t do it, who can?

The same thing goes for the basketball season. But in my defense, no one wants to be a Knicks fan. Just look what they drove Isiah Thomas to. Oh wait, it’s mostly his fault that they’re a disaster.

More proof that Borders blows ass: I ordered Absolute Watchmen off their website in JULY since it was the only place I could find selling it and also because I had a 30% off coupon. But then once I ordered, it said “backorder”. Next thing I know, it’s October, I haven’t heard a peep from Borders, and I see Absolute Watchmen for sale on Amazon for even cheaper than what I paid at (coupon included). Naturally, I order it on Amazon. I just got notice that it shipped from Amazon yesterday. I still haven’t heard anything from Borders. They have to be worse than AIDS. I can’t wait to cancel my order once Watchmen hits my doorstep.

Leave it to the guys behind It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to make Sinbad and Rob Thomas hilarious. I think the last time Sinbad was funny was in the modern holiday classic Jingle All The Way.

What little gaming I’ve done in the past two months has been limited to cheap downloadable games and demos, and nothing has impressed me more than the demo for Mirror’s Edge. I never thought first-person platforming could be pulled off so ingeniously. When the hell did EA become so creative?

This entire post was just an excuse to post the hottest Little Red Riding Hood ever:

Kate Beckinsale wins Halloween. Flawless victory.

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