A Personal Note to the 00s

2009 December 31
by CajoleJuice

Should I put an apostrophe in 00′s? And did we decide what we’re going to call them? “The Aughts” blows. “The Zeros” really works better, since this is basically a lost decade. Not for me, but for the world — well, other than China and India and maybe some other developing countries (Brazil?). But I guess aught means zero, but I think zero is dumbed down as to be indicative of America as a whole. Anyhow, this is supposed to be personal, not me analyzing the popular naming conventions of decades.

Edit: Oh wait, I just put an apostrophe in my last post title! Guess I’m not consistent.

I’m pretty sure I will never have a decade as eventful as this one. I started 2000 in middle school, a Dreamcast fanboy who loved video games and was afraid of women — well, I guess that last one hasn’t changed too much. But I’ve gone through high school and college the past ten years. I attended two high schools and four colleges. And then of course there are all the other milestones any person goes through that don’t need to be listed. The years of 13 to 23 cover all of those for most people, I imagine. How is any other decade going to beat that? Maybe if I move between cities and/or countries I can top it? Maybe marriage + kids? Too far off to think about and I feel like one doesn’t truly understand starting and raising a family until one experiences it. A person always thinks the present is going to be the most important time of one’s life.

But still, that’s a fairly stuffed ten years, is it not? I attended… I started to write a huge bunch of personal anecdotes, but I’d probably regret it at some point. I’ve become a bit more secure with myself and my past disappointments and failings, but I’m not totally comfortable writing them all out for the entire internet to see. Sure, no one reads this, but people technically *could*. So what was the point of this post? I guess I felt the need to wrap up the 00′s somehow.

In terms of looking forward, I find it so difficult to bring myself to do it. I see way too many possible paths laid out in front of me, all with their positives, but I can’t help but focus on the downsides to all of them. I assume the worst almost always, and while it brings immense  joy when things do work out, it’s not good when it stops me from actually doing things. So it’s going to be 2010. Here’s to actually doing things. I hope.

But I still won’t do the only thing I want to do.

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