Johan Santana Is God

2008 September 23
by CajoleJuice

This is why the Mets might actually make the playoffs this year, and why the Yankees got eliminated from the playoffs tonight. This is why the Mets traded a bunch of prospects and paid millions of dollars for the jewel of the 2007 offseason, and why the Yankees are kicking themselves.

If it weren’t for Tim Lincecum being an extremely talented and dominant man-child, Johan Santana would be getting consideration for the NL Cy Young after tonight’s performance. He delivered in the biggest game of the Mets season so far, throwing the most pitches in his career.

125 pitches, 86 strikes, 8 IP, 10 K, 2 ER. Just what the Mets needed.

As the season has progressed, Santana has risen to the occasion. Earlier in the season, he came out after 7 innings and 100 pitches regularly, allowing the bullpen to blow game after game for him. Tonight, he did all in his power to stop that from happening. He even hustled out a potential double-play, which allowed Jose Reyes to hit a bases-clearing triple to make the score 6-2. Santana made sure the lead stuck this time, as he has been doing as much as possible lately. It seems he throws more and more pitches every outing, all while lowering his ERA at the same time. Even though his fastball has lost a few MPH, he’s as dominant as ever. I can’t think of another ace pitcher whose best pitch is a changeup.

The Yankees sure could have used him this year, what with their young guns totally flaming out and all. I’m sure they’ll pick up C.C. Sabathia or Ben Sheets or another free agent pitcher next year. God knows the market is the best in years. It’s just a shame they had to fuck up the last year of Yankee Stadium after over a dozen years in the playoffs. But I’m sure Jeter has enough ladies lined up to give herpes in October and A-Rod has some more trannies to bang. 

Meanwhile, the Mets are in the midst of another playoff race, and this time they have Johan. If this were last year, they would’ve trotted Tom Glavine out there tonight, and he would’ve shit the bed. Of course, it’s impossible to be confident after watching this team for so long, but it does give me a bit of piece of mind knowing Johan will be the pitcher on the mound for the last game of the season if the playoffs are on the line — and not Glavine.

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