Someone Tell Me How to Feel About Google Chrome

2008 September 3
by CajoleJuice

I’m obviously a bit manic right now, as this is the third post I’m writing tonight, after not writing anything for a week. I blame it on Google Chrome. A new browser — so exciting! (By the way, I really don’t think I have a grasp on when dashes, semi-colons, or colons are most appropriate. I missed that day in my college writing class. Either that, or we never went over it, considering half of the students at Stony Brook can’t form a coherent paragraph in English.)

Getting back to our eventual overlords at Google, their new browser doesn’t exactly set the world on fire. But it is pretty fast. But I can’t really notice it much on my sub-par Verizon DSL connection. So should I even use it instead of Firefox Beta 3? What are the advantages? I do like the homepage with a bunch of windows of your most visited sites, but I wish you could add more. On my 1920×1200 screen, the 9 windows take up maybe 1/4 of the screen. I could have 36 windows to choose from! I’m not even sure if I visit 36 websites.

I have no doubt this is only one of the many options Google has planned for this browser. If they really want to cut into Microsoft’s — and Mozilla’s — market share, they’re going to have to add some killer features. Features that anyone can utilize easily. For now, they’ve gone the simple route, making sure the browser actually works, and works quickly. Should’ve seen that coming from the company whose search engine distanced itself from the competition with its simplicity.

People who have a ton of Firefox extensions probably already know by now that Chrome is not for them — at least not yet. There’s no Adblock, no Greasemonkey, no Ubiquity. Me, I don’t even notice that Adblock is gone, and I have yet the chance to get accustomed to Ubiquity. And those were the only two I used at all. Maybe if I had some porn-fetching extension, I’d be more concerned.

So as it is, I think I’ll try out Chrome for the week. I guess I’ll just invest in the future of the browser. The interface is slick enough — what with its minimalist style — and I could get used to the incognito mode. That way I can watch One Tree Hill on Hulu without anyone knowing. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Google was thinking of when they added such a feature. Yep.

And right as I reach the end of this post, I realize you can add a desktop shortcut, start menu shortcut, or quick-launch icon for any web application (like Facebook or WordPress) — not just Google applications. That’s pretty cool. Maybe I know how I feel about Google Chrome now.

And I bet it’s pretty much the complete opposite of how Microsoft feels.

Find out for yourself if you haven’t already. Download Google Chrome here.

P.S. I know a few posts down I said that Ubiquity was the future of the internet. Man, I am such an IDIOT.

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  • ricelover

    Well, in my opinion, it is still too early for us to evaluate Google Chrome in comparison to the other browser. Google Chrome was just released yesterday and it is still in its beta stage, while Firefox 3 is recently out of its beta stage. However, I can tell you it is better than IE8 beta!

    There is a few new innovative things from Google Chrome though. Like the “all-in-one” search+URL bar. (The Omnibar?)

    To be honest, I am very skeptical about the information they collect from the users. Who would know if they would sell the information on our surfing trends, information, and such to the marketing industry or not?

    However, like I say, too early to judge. :)

  • CajoleJuice

    Good points all around. I haven’t even bothered trying the IE8 beta, as I’ve been a Firefox guy for a while now.

    I basically agree that it’s too early to judge, but for a first release, Google hasn’t done too bad.

    And if they sell my surfing information to marketers, they’ll just find out how much time I spend on NeoGAF. :-\

  • garrett
  • CajoleJuice

    hahah nice