Your Deleted Song of the Week

2010 April 21

The National – Sorrow


Lots of albums have leaked recently, but High Violet is really the only one I’ve listened to. And I’ve kinda been listening to this one song from it over and over. I’d go on and review the album or all the songs that comprise it, but I’ve stated numerous times how unqualified I feel to talk about music. It’s definitely a great album and I highly recommend checking it out — when it comes out legally, of course. The National’s previous album Boxer put me to sleep at times, and I guess that’s a weird criticism if I’m posting this song from High Violet, but I just find the latter much more varied and less minimalistic.

Note: If the very beginning of the song is corrupted for you, let me know. I had a weird issue listening to the MP3 directly in Chrome — which, combined with other bugs, has me close to writing a negative post about the Google browser. It worked fine in Firefox.

Note 2: I was emailed by Web Sheriff to take down the song, which I almost thought was a joke at first, and then I found the Wikipedia entry. Damn.

Note 3: The New York Times has the album streaming until April 27th. Go and listen now.

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