I, For One, Welcome Our New Farmboy Overlord

2008 August 25
by CajoleJuice

Before the season started, I didn’t see Mike Pelfrey lasting more than a few starts. I’m glad I was wrong. Now he’s arguably the second-best pitcher on the Mets behind Johan Santana. I’ve gone from wanting to punch Pelfrey in his mouthpiece-chewing face to wanting to buy his jersey. While John Maine has broken down due to his inability to finish a batter off with less than 20 pitches, Pelfrey has emerged as the workhorse of the staff. Back-to-back complete games. You don’t see that much from pitchers not named Halladay or Sabathia nowadays.

At 6’7″, he’s an absolute beast capable of eating up innings like Koreans eat up Starcraft. Combined with his heavy sinker leading to quick outs and DPs, you have the recipe for many complete games to come. Still kinda bummed he didn’t get the shutout tonight, but any night I don’t have to see a reliever run in from the outfield is a great night.

In related news, I don’t mind seeing Carlos Delgado in the field or at-bat anymore. How the hell did that happen? Two months ago, I wanted him tossed out onto the street. Unfortunately, I still want the entire bullpen tossed out onto the street, shot, and burned alive.

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