The New York Metropolitans Are In First Place

2008 July 25
by CajoleJuice


A month ago, I was all but ready to give up on this team. Carlos Delgado was a lazy, washed-up piece of Caribbean garbage. Oliver Perez was his usual 5th/6th inning imploding self. Jose Reyes was doing OK, but wasn’t exactly impressing anyone. Jose Castillo’s swing continued to be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. The outfield was a disaster of concussions, old men, and underperforming stars and subs alike. The entire bullpen was worthless. Well, that last thing is still true.

But the Mets can actually beat the Phillies this year. After a devastating loss on Tuesday — a game I feel Johan Santana should’ve finished — the Mets answered with two huge wins to grab hold of first place all by their lonesome. Willie Randolph am cry.

I feel like the rest of the season is going to play out with the Phillies and Mets both alternating between mediocre and good-for-the-NL like they have so far. While the Mets have been on a tear in July, the bullpen is capable of blowing up at any time, Delgado isn’t going to keep this up, and Mike Pelfrey isn’t going to either. I’d love to believe that Moises Alou and Ryan Church are going to come back and contribute, but unfortunately Barry Bonds probably has a good chance of playing more games than either of them the rest of the season.

It’s going to be a ball-tingling race, especially with the Mets-Phillies rivalry now being one of the best in baseball. No matter what happens the rest of the way, at least the Braves suck.

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  • CajoleJuice

    I love the mediocrity of NL baseball