I Wish I Made This Post Earlier

2008 August 19
by CajoleJuice

I would’ve been the top hit on Google for “muxtape RIAA”! I googled it about 5 hours ago and there were no stories or blog posts about the message that has been residing on the muxtape.com website for hours now.

Muxtape will be unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA

Translation: Muxtape is totally fucked and will be shut down by the RIAA any day now.

I’m so sad. I put so much work into that shit. Constantly updating, favoriting other muxtapes…all wasted. All because the RIAA is a bunch of pricks that don’t realize Muxtape is something that exposes a person to new music. It’s not hurting the industry, assholes. It’s not like people can download off of Muxtape anyway. (Well, maybe there’s some person that came up with a way to do it, but that’s besides the point.)

It was inevitable, but I still don’t want Muxtape to go away. Why do I get the feeling that Muxtape will never be back from “sorting out this problem with the RIAA”? :(

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  • http://www.richard-am.net RichardAM

    Well, it’s lasted longer than we expected it to, right?

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com CajoleJuice

    Very true. But it’s still sad.

    Maybe somehow it’ll stay around…

  • http://cloudwalking.tumblr.com Lauren

    i never expected it to stay up for very long, honestly. i hope they can sort something out and get things moving again, though. muxtape was fun for finding new stuff. it was especially great when people started making search engines for it, but that actually might have had something to do with the RIAA’s concerns — you could search for almost any song and find it, and listen to it in its entirety as often as you wanted.