REAL TALK – 6/25/08

2008 June 25
by CajoleJuice

Keeping up the motivation for blogging is pretty tough. Especially since I don’t have delusions of ever writing anything for money.

Let’s get this out of the way now: Starcraft II looks like shit.

Staying on that topic, Valve has surpassed Blizzard as ultimate PC developer. The former’s awesome constant updates to TF2 have confirmed this fact. Blizzard spending the majority of their time on WoW left the door open.

I think today might have the first time I actually worked for the majority of an 8-hour workday. So far at my new job, this has been more appropriate:

On a related note, I can’t read Deadspin at work. I absolutely lose it sometimes. For example, I couldn’t stop laughing for at least 15 minutes after reading these comments (WARNING: Only funny if you have grown up listening to the Mike and the Mad Dog radio program). For the rest of the day, I kept hearing Chris Russo yelling, “I said anchovies, you cocksucker! What? You don’t fuck with me– I’m The Mad Dog!!”

This is a tip for the ladies. If you don’t talk, then 1) if you dress conservatively = quiet girl 2) if you don’t = stuck-up bitch. This is how we men think — please don’t kill the messenger.

Redheads are either hideous or gorgeous. There is no middle ground. I can’t even come up with a punchline for that. Now you can kill the messenger.

Wimbledon 2008. If Federer wins: He’s still got it, greatest player ever, Sampras am fucked. If Federer loses: His reign at the top is over, he might never break Sampras’ record, Nadal owns his soul. I’m going with the latter.

The kid in this GIF is how I feel whenever I watch the Mets:

Speaking of feeling, I think I have schizophrenia of some sort coming on, as I had some of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had a few nights ago (one involving mock Nazi rallies and one where I got shot in the face multiple times), and then the following day I didn’t recognize my handwriting as my own at one point. Soon enough, I’ll start waking up not knowing how I got there. Oh wait, crap. Damn you, alcohol.

The Dark Knight has to be the most anticipated movie among my friends since The Matrix Reloaded. Another parallel: I plan on making The Dark Knight the second film I see in IMAX, after The Matrix Reloaded. Let’s hope the similarities end there. Oh shit, the actress who played the Oracle died before Reloaded came out…

This is one of my favorite NeoGAF posts in a while:

So did i. Though as a reminder of just how awesome Weathers is

Carl Weathers should run against Arnold in California so they can greet each other at debates this way

Imagining that provides me with immense joy.

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  • Slinger

    holy cow, that little boy GIF is hilarious. I just keep laughing.

  • Mr. Sinacore

    I look like Mike Francesa

  • honest_ape

    I can’t decide which gif is better, frankly.

  • garrett

    I live in Hawaii

  • garrett

    I enjoy meatless barbecues

  • Bachy

    i love to smoke meat, i mean smoked meat

  • The real Garrett

    Yah having to account for your hrs as a consultant is a hassle, pic saved.

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  • EA can DIE

    This is a tip for the ladies. If you don’t talk, then 1) if you dress conservatively = quiet girl 2) if you don’t = stuck-up bitch. This is how we men think — please don’t kill the messenger.

    You worded that a little weird. Reminds of if…then statements in code. I’m probably supposed to be coding that right now. Should I implement this is C++? Run away before my brain kills you from utter randomness. Thats weird, usually when I write “from” I type form. Am I getting old?