PS3 Owners: Please Don’t Subscribe to Qore

2008 June 5
by CajoleJuice

You have free online. Don’t throw it away.

If you haven’t heard of Qore, it’s a new gaming show that will be available only on PSN, and a subscription to it will include exclusive content like themes, demos, and betas. And it’s hosted by Veronica Belmont. Here’s a link about it. The fact that it’s hosted by her and I still think it’s garbage should be a warning sign.

It’s $2.99 a show or $24.99 for a year (13 episodes) subscription. Yes, it’s not really that much, but this is only the first step. Yes, it’s half the price of a year subscription to Xbox Live, but the latter is REQUIRED for a 360 owner to play online. You can already play PS3 games online for free. 360 owners are powerless once they own the console. Live is what makes the 360 worth it, but I always hoped free online on the PS3 would help drive the price down, or make MS truly pump up the features of Live somehow (dedicated servers anyone?). Unfortunately, PSN and PS3 haven’t exactly lit up the gaming world, and MS is able to get away with charging $50 a year because Live is vastly superior.

If you subscribe to Qore, you are throwing away your free online forever. Sony will make sure to come up with more online features to put a price tag on. It’s DLC all over again. The only DLC I bought was the COD4 map pack, and I wholeheartedly regret it. Especially now that PC gamers are getting them for free. Learn from my mistake. Do not spend money on Qore. There is plenty of videogame-related content on the internet readily available for free. You can live without those demos and betas. Tell Sony to shove their sly scheme up their ass. All console gamers would reap the benefits. Except Wii-only owners. But they don’t count anyway.

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  • Elveter

    OMG…what the fucking are you smooking??

    a pay to uso the 360′s LIVE…

    go find some work to keep your mind busy

  • Matt

    right on man right on forget paying for the peice of junk. I was looking through betas when i saw one and then its says subscribe to qore… well i say whats qore ill just subscribe and then delete so i can get this sweet bete… WRONG… this qore… its bologna…