Preemptive Weekend Baseball Post

2008 April 24

The Mets are pretty awful right now. The spirit of Brad Lidge has taken over Aaron Heilman’s body, Jorge Sosa is arguably even worse than him, Carlos Delgado is hitting under .200, and Oliver Perez is still as self-destructive as ever. Not to mention that the entire team has only 12 home runs. Chase Utley has 10 by himself.

I just wanted to make this post before Chipper Jones absolutely demolishes the Mets this weekend. It’s going to be ugly. Jurrjens, Hudson, and Smoltz lined up for them. Oh God. I didn’t even realize it was that bad. Pelfrey, Maine, and Figueroa need to pitch at least 7 innings to win. I really don’t see it happening.

And Delgado sucks at first base too, by the way.

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