Deciding to Attend I-CON or Not

2008 April 4
by CajoleJuice

In case you don’t know:

Attended by over 6,000 people each year, I-CON is a three day festival, designed to encourage literacy, creativity and interest in science and technology through science fiction and its related genres. Programming at I-CON spans a wide range of topics and interests, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, Japanese animation (otherwise known as Anime), science and technology, comic books, and medieval reenactment.

The only featured guests this year that I know are Ray Bradbury, Billy West (voice of Fry), the dude who was Darth Maul, and the black guy from Ghostbusters.

Even with my student discount, it’s $48 for the three-day pass. One day ranges from $31-48 depending on the day.

Anyway, I’m looking at the schedule, and there’s some potential gold here.

Early Morning Furry Get Together
Group Cosplay
A Brief History of Awesome
Your Furry Alter-Ego: The Why & How
Anime 101: The Road to Being an Otaku!
Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament
Creating Anthropomorphic Web Comics
Harry Potter Wand Making / Creature Battle
Gamer Sex 101 “R” Rated
Cosplay Competition
Hentai (18+)

On the flip side, there’s actually some legitimately interesting stuff:

Michio Kaku presentations (don’t know why he isn’t a featured guest)
Doctor Who screenings
Why People Suck: The Search For Suck (my professor’s panel)
Texas Hold’em tourney
Introduction to Podcasting
Space 2008, What’s New?
South Park Trivia Contest
Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Premiere screening (too bad I’m not caught up)
Guitar Hero 3 tourney

But really, none of these compare to the previous list.

I think I’m leaning towards checking out this spectacle. THIS is why I finally bought a digital camera.

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