Your Belated Irish Jig Song of the Week

2010 March 22

I doubt this even qualifies as an Irish jig, really. I only know this is where I was on St. Patrick’s Day and people were dancing and there’s video of it and I wanted a catchy title. It all adds up to this blog post.

I went into the city for the parade and ended up not even watching it — unless you count looking at the TV a bit in a random bar. $7 cups of Guinness. Goddamn it, the city is expensive, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. And then I ate too much at some burger/BBQ place, so when I had a shot of Jameson not too long after I almost threw up a half-pound burger and fries. Somehow I managed to hold it all down, even while dancing to the band that is playing in the video above (I am not featured in the video, just to make it clear). The band goes by the name of Scythian and they are a pretty damn fun road band. So I had a decent day, even if my wallet and liver didn’t. I hope you had a nice St. Patrick’s Day as well. I know that sentiment comes a bit late, but I hope you appreciate it.

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