My I-CON Experience

2008 April 5
by CajoleJuice

After ripping through the last 4 episodes of Battlestar Galactica Season 3 to get caught up — and skipping a few filler episodes in the process — I decided to check out I-CON tonight, if only to see the Season 4 Premiere on a massive projection screen. On the way, I realized I had forgotten my camera. Oh well, there would be ample time tomorrow for pics of the hornet’s nest of nerddom.

Just walking from the parking lot to the Javits building where BSG would be shown, the average attractiveness of girls walking by was easily the lowest I had ever seen in my life. My decision was not looking like a good one. But I was prepared for that. Then I got to the building, and it was filled with overweight, middle-aged nerds, of both sexes. There was still at least 20 minutes until the show, but the line was already massive, and the lobby was abuzz with heavy breathing and sweaty manchildren. Oh God, what had I done. I just wanted to watch BSG on a huge screen. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but like the Matrix, you must experience it for yourself.

Then I noticed EVERYONE had badges hanging around their necks. Well, not quite badges, more like pieces of paper in a laminated holder. But they were apparently called badges, possibly to make these people feel like they deserved an award for wasting their lives watching various Star Trek captains embark on a new, ludicrous adventure — preferably one with hot aliens — every week. I quickly realized THESE were the tickets. I would undoubtedly need one to get in. I asked one of the overweight, middle-aged guys where I could find one, and he said registration was at the Sports Complex ON THE OTHER SIDE OF CAMPUS.

I started walking, but looking at my watch, I realized I wouldn’t get back in time. And even if I did, I had seen the entire nerd nation of Long Island converging on the Javits Building, anxious to see Starbuck in action again, Gaius Baltar be Pimp Jesus, and Admiral Adama’s face continue to do its best impression of the moon. There was no way I was getting in.

Sigh. Well, my car was closer than the registration. There was not much more I would want to check out in the late-night festivities. The Guitar Hero 3 tournament was already over. Fuck it, I was gone.

Maybe I’ll try to sneak into some panels tomorrow, but there’s no way I’m slapping down $48 for a one-day pass. So instead, $10 of that just went to the COD4 Variety Map Pack.

Oh, and BSG was still pretty cool, even if I was just laying in my bed watching it on my 27″ SDTV.

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