Call of Duty 4 Has Ruined Console FPSs For Me

2008 March 31
by CajoleJuice

So the Battlefield: Bad Company beta started this past week. And Halo 3 got a bunch of maps made available for free. Too bad I will barely touch either. I played BF: BC for about 15 minutes, and every moment I couldn’t help thinking, “I’d rather be playing COD4.” I really should create a bumper sticker of that phrase.

The game has the best feel and gunplay I’ve ever experienced, I think on either PC or console. I still can’t believe how much I enjoy playing the game with a controller. The last time I was this addicted to a game was Counter-Strike: Source upon its release. The Call of Duty series has been revered for its transcendent gunplay since its inception, but bringing the game into a modern setting has created a monster. The 360 version has been the best-selling game for the four months since its release. Its streak will no doubt be stopped by the 360 version of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 this month, but I don’t see it dropping off the top spot on XBL activity anytime soon. I’ve heard anecdotes of people in R6:V2 games saying that they’re just gonna go back to COD4. Halo 3 will most likely eventually take the crown back, at least in that lull before Gears of War 2 hits.

With four new maps coming out this week, COD4 is going to be on top for a while. Shamefully, this map pack will make me break my DLC rule. $10 for four maps, and I’m going to shell out because Infinity Ward owns me. But since I’m not going to be playing any other FPSs, I might as well get the full COD4 experience.

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  • RichardAM

    I’ve been playing The Orange Box since it’s first weekend- there’s no escaping from TF2, and when there is, it’s only brief distractions.

    I tried playing Halo 3 the other night, but gave up. It’s just so horribly bland and mindless- unless your with the right people it’ll always be explosive kamikaze running and gunning- no tactical experience needed.

  • CajoleJuice

    TF2 is the main reason why I made sure to say “console” FPSs. If I had a halfway decent PC, I’d no doubt be playing TF2 along with COD4. I actually played it a lot for a month or so, but the horrific performance eventually got to me.

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