Green Bay Is Suiciding

2008 January 21

I was about to go to bed, but I feel I need to write something about the Giants-Packers game today, or I never will. What a gut-wrenching, intense game. I used to be both a Jets and Giants fan, but I’ve grown to hate the Giants over the past few years. Maybe it’s Fetus Manning, maybe it’s bitterness due to the Jets being horrible — I just know I was rooting for the Packers. I thought Brett Favre was the only man with the power to defeat the Anti-Christ Tom Brady. Turns out he doesn’t even have the power to defeat the lesser Manning. Now it’s up to the little brother who looks like he was dropped on his head as a kid.

I really can’t believe how well the Giants have played these playoffs. I wrote them off as first or second-round losers, easily. Eli has been playing superbly, which is something NO ONE could have predicted. Even his dad couldn’t watch the game because he figured the kid would fuck it up at some point. I think the Mannings can only have so much mojo as a family at one time…and this year it’s Eli’s turn. Brady vs. Manning again. Boston vs. New York. I would’ve preferred Good vs. Evil, but stuff doesn’t always work out perfectly. The fact that the Giants are doing this without Shockey is the most shocking (lolz) thing to me. But I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know football. I just know that the Giants are playing damn well and I think they have a good chance of playing a close game against the Patriots. Unfortunately, the Pats will almost undoubtedly find a way to win, but I just hope the Super Bowl is at least a close, exciting contest. It won’t match this NFC championship, but not many games do.

The emotional rollercoaster in the last 6-plus minutes and overtime was absolutely ludicrous. Tynes misses a go-ahead FG for the Giants at 6 minutes, then the Packers have a shitty series and end up punting and the Giants returner fumbles the ball, which leads to a ridiculous scramble that the Packers should’ve won, but didn’t. Then the Giants drive down a bit for a game-winning FG try with 6 seconds left and a botched snap leads to a shank from like 30-something yards.

Massive tears rolling down the tears of Giants fans. Then the Packers win the overtime coin toss. Brett Favre was being smiled upon. It was meant to be.

And then he threw an INT.

The Giants drove a bit again, setting up a 47-yarder. No way Tynes hits that, right? But he does. What the hell just happened? The Giants in the SUPER BOWL?!?? I still can’t believe it. Maybe the NFC really does suck.

On a side note, whenever I add an athlete’s name or sports team to the end of my IRC nick, they lose. I down to desperate measures here, so my IRC nick during the Super Bowl will be CajoleJuice_TOMBRADY.

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