REAL TALK – 2/16/2008

2008 February 16
by CajoleJuice

This is actually getting typed up and posted on the 19th, but timestamps can be changed! And I honestly put this down on paper on the 16th. That’s what I’m going by.

- Burnout Revenge + Metallica = Awesome. There is nothing quite like going on a takedown rampage to “Master of Puppets.”

- When even a congressional hearing about whether or not some baseball player took steroids devolves into a bipartisan affair, you know something is horribly with politics. I have no idea how Congress gets anything done. Although, I guess that can be argued.

- Hardcover books are vastly superior to paperbacks. Just because you can’t afford hardcovers, don’t say that crappy mass market paperbacks are better. That’s like saying an Xbox 360 is superior to a $2000 gaming rig.

(Just look at this sexy collection of literature - Philip K. Dick: Four Novels of the 60s 83o pages!!!)

- I should take my Apple hating/trolling to the real world as much as possible. I was in the Apple Store yesterday, looking at the MacBook Air, when a family with a young kid came over and was looking at it. I overheard the dad saying something with a negative tone in his voice, and I just chipped in with “Yeah, it’s an overpriced novelty item.” There was an “Apple Genius” no less than five feet away, too. Screw Apple.

- I want to castrate whoever thought the Xbox 360 controller’s d-pad had a good design. It’s the only thing stopping the controller from being the most perfect controller ever constructed.

- I should really care more about the Anonymous protests on the Church of Scientology, but I just can’t take anything involving 4chan seriously. Like the kid I met at a party yesterday. The dude’s chest squeaked! That has to be a side effect of too much 4chan. This is one good thing that I’ve seen come out of the protests:

- Cupcakes vs. brownies. A battle that will never be over.

- I know a person who hit the rapper T.I. with a water balloon while he was performing on stage. Now I know a person who hit Nick Carter in the ear with a scone. My life will not be complete until I hit Fred Durst with a bus.

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  • joe h

    Philip K. dick and Burnout ftw.

  • chris

    so who hit nick carter with a scone? Because I know about the T.I. incident..

  • CajoleJuice

    My grad student professor