I Love My Xbox 360

2007 August 28
by CajoleJuice

I kinda suck at taking pictures.

Anyhow, this is the time to join next-gen. Well, it’s now officially CURRENT gen in my house. It’s taken two years, but the 360 is finally more reliable than one of those game compilation systems you find in the mall, and its software is hitting its stride. Bioshock is getting glowing reviews comparable to the ones Metroid Prime recieved 5 years ago. The Call of Duty 4 BETA is already being played by a select group of lucky people and all signs point to it being an incredible game. Rock Band will be the ultimate party game, leading to drunken embarrassment across the nation. Mass Effect, while not my cup of tea, has absolutely insane graphics and almost no doubtly will have the gameplay to back it up. And of course, there’s Halo 3 – destined to be the most played online console game ever. Even XBLA has a killer app upcoming – Super Puzzle Fighter II HD. There’s just an overload of awesome.

(And you know what? The Wii is finally getting the few games that make it worth owning the system. Up until now, I honestly can’t think of one game that warranted a purchase. But in the next few months Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl all hit. I’d accept someone buying a Wii this fall/winter, as I could see myself doing the same.)

The 360 is just a damn slick machine — when it isn’t broken. Well, at least the new Premium models with the second heatsink and quieter DVD drive are. Not to mention the HDMI port. I can stream music from my PC (and video, but I haven’t configured that), play DVDs using my wireless controller as a remote, see what my Xbox Live buddies are up to and send or receive messages at any time, buy cheap and awesome games off of XBLA, turn off my console from my bed with the controller, and of course, play games like BIOSHOCK.

I just get terrified when I go to Circuit City to buy a $39.99 12+1 month Xbox Live Gold Account card and see a kid returning his broken 360 that he just bought. All I ask is that it makes it through the winter. I did get the Best Buy Replacement Plan, but it’s still a pain in the ass to unplug the system and haul it up there for a replacement. It’ll be worth it in two years when the plan is almost up and the 360 is $50-100 cheaper and I get a voucher for the original price I paid. I love taking advantage of Best Buy.
Case in point:


I love cute, dumb Best Buy cashiers and their careless supervisors.

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