How does Borders sell anything?

2006 December 9
by CajoleJuice

I can think of no good reason to actually pay for stuff at Borders. I joined “Borders Rewards” when I actually purchased a book at Borders months ago. I can’t even remember what it was – I think it was a Sudoku book. I haven’t really gotten any “rewards” because I don’t even buy stuff at Borders. Once in a while I go and sit down and skim through some books, but I almost never hand over any cash. One can get almost every book available at Borders (and more) on for usually two-thirds the price. I guess if you don’t like shopping online, than Borders is as good a place as any to buy books, though.

It’s a completely different story when it comes to music and movies.

I checked my email the other day and saw a coupon for ONE DAY ONLY (yesterday, Dec 8th) for 40% off the list price of any DVD set. Now, I knew Borders was pretty expensive, but I figured with 40% off I could get a decent deal. I walked into the store and immediately turned toward the electronics section and saw “24% off seasons of 24!” and then saw $69.99 on the 24 box. Even with my 40% off coupon, that still comes out to 42 bucks. They go for about 45 bucks at Best Buy and online. That’s just pathetic. I thought maybe that was a ridiculous exception, but as I scoured through the section, I was blown away by the prices. There’s no way people actually do their DVD and CD shopping there (yea, the CD pricing is just as horrendous). I just won’t believe people are that stupid, right? But then how does Borders even have that whole section? AHHHHH.

After failing to find a DVD set at a somewhat rational price, I walked out of the store and tore up my coupon in the parking lot. What a waste of 15 minutes.

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  • Type-In Domain Management

    Very interesting site… I wish I could write like you! Miky

  • Scott Pierce

    So let me understand what you wrote. You found a dvd set for less than you would pay anywhere else and were upset about it? I wonder how Borders et. all sell anything either when so many people just buy a coffee and sit for hours reading magazines and books, leaving them where they read them, usually dammage or manhandle them so no one else would want to purchase it then leave. To me that is a little rude if that is all one ever does. I was in NYC recently and saw the Astor Place Barnes & Noble had closed. When there was no competition around it surprised me to say the leaset. Perhaps the reason is not enough people bought anything there, just abused the privlege of sampling the product before purchase. I guess Shakespeare Booksellers is happy but they are still in business and they don’t have a coffee bar to plop down in and read their stuff. I hope you don’t think I am bashing your post because I am not just made me think a lot. I never buy anything from Borders without a coupon anymore since I get them e-mailed at least once a week and obtain other coupons on my receipt. Ever see that Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith- that’s where we are heading and it is sad. Hope you found the dvd box set you wanted.

  • CajoleJuice

    The whole sampling thing is a good point. But if I really enjoy something I’m sampling, I’ll buy it. I try not to be a total douche. As for the “with the coupon, it was less than anywhere else,” I can wait for a sale somewhere and actually get a decent deal. Best Buy has 24 sets for 20-30 bucks seemingly every few months. There are sales on Amazon all the time. The point is that when things are on SALE at Borders or you have a seemingly massive coupon, the prices just barely match the REGULAR prices anywhere else.

  • Scott Pierce

    I understand what you’re saying. I do see Amazon has massive sales on dvds. You just have to wait for the one you want. Wow, I just realized you wrote the original post in 2006. I was on another blog and yours was listed as related so clicked on it and read your post. Off topic- can’t wait for The Dark Knight either. All the best to you.