This Subway Series is Going to be Ugly

2007 June 15
by CajoleJuice

Talk about teams going in completely different directions…

The Yankees have won their past 9 games, while the Mets have lost 9 of their last 10. The Mets are still 8 games over .500, though, due to their insanely hot start. I don’t see them losing their division lead, considering the Braves have sucked almost as bad over the same period. Meanwhile, the Yankees have steadily been cutting down on what seemed an insurmountable lead for the Red Sox only a month ago. 7.5 games back. Boston has to be pissing themselves.

Anyway, this series is looking to be an absolute massacre. Unfortunately, I have work until 9, so I’m going to miss at least the first 5 innings or so tonight. I wish I could watch Clemens pitch. The way the Mets have been hitting though, he’s probably going to dominate them. Of course, Oliver Perez is a toss-up every time he takes the mound. I can’t bring myself to look further into the series.

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