It’s Not Quite Revenge…

2007 April 4
by CajoleJuice

…But the Mets have just completed an opening three-game sweep of the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals by beating them 10-0 tonight. Sure, it doesn’t erase Beltran staring at that called third strike in the NLCS, but seeing the Cardinals get completely embarrassed the past three days was pretty hilarious. The Mets outscored them 20-2 over the series. Over the three games, the Mets turned seven double-plays (all in the first two games), while the Cards had three horrendous errors in the outfield. The Mets bullpen has been lights-out, while the Cards relievers imploded tonight. Pujols is 1-10 for the season, while Beltran already has 2 homers and 6 RBIs.

Two teams couldn’t be further apart on the baseball spectrum. The Mets look solid in every single aspect of the game, while the Cardinals now have to questioning whether they can even manage to go .500. Chris Carpenter has an inflamed elbow; as Gary Cohen said tonight, “if he’s out for any significant amount of time, the Cardinals are in big trouble,” and I think that’s an understatement. I don’t know how John Maine does it, throwing his 90 mph fastball 80 percent of the time, but he was arguably the Mets’ best starter the second half of last season, and he just continued where he left off tonight. Seven innings of 1-hit ball. Maybe the starting staff isn’t as big a problem as many thought it would be. On the other hand, the Cardinals have two relievers in their starting rotation this year (although Looper pitched a solid 6 innings, even if he did tire a bit). This series was just a joke. Wow.

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