The Departed DVD: Buy It Tuesday

2007 February 9
by CajoleJuice

At Best Buy.

I’m a pretty well-known Best Buy whore among my friends, and it’s because of things like this:

Fucking sweet. That’s what the 2-disc steelbook (a la Gears of War or Band of Brothers) looks like. I have $23 in my wallet wrapped in paper labeled “The Departed DVD.”

Best Buy seems to get a lot of shit for their customer service and their Extended Service Plans on expensive items, but for buying DVDs and games, I absolutely love the place. I’ve bought the vast majority of my DVDs the past few years for under $10 due the weekly deals they have on DVDs. Only for a movie as awesome as The Departed do I go out and buy the DVD day one. And an exclusive deal as great as this makes the decision even easier.

If you want to find out what extra stuff the second disc has on it, check out this review over at DVDTalk. I’m only a little disappointed at the lack of a commentary track.

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