Buy N+ on XBLA NOW

2008 March 10
by CajoleJuice

Any game that features levels called “There’s no I in Teamocil” and “In Soviet Russia, N plays you” deserves to be bought for $10 bucks. It just so happens that this game also is incredibly fun and unique in its own right. You are a miniature ninja attempting to jump and slide his way through increasingly difficult levels of pure platforming goodness. It’s been available in freeware flash form on the PC for years, but there has never been controller support (unless you really know your PC shit). Now, released on the 360 with HD graphics and — obviously — controller support, the game is one of the best on XBLA, and arguably the most content-laden of any 800 point game on the service. 250 single-player levels and 50 co-op levels to conquer, with a bunch more for multiplayer race and survival modes. You can even make your own maps, but only the person who made the custom map can host a game using it, basically defeating the purpose. That, and horrific lag in 4-player online, are the only complaints I can muster. The game is totally awesome. Wall-jumping, lasers, missiles, and gibs in floaty gravity is an awesome formula. Don’t even download the demo. Just buy the game. I should’ve bought it a few weeks ago when it came out. Don’t make the same mistake that I did. Don’t wait. BUY IT.

P.S. The game is coming out for DS and PSP and I bet it’ll be at least 20 bucks.

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  • RichardAM

    The game rocks- the pinnacle of platformer gaming. Co-op’s really fun too, it’s surprisingly rewarding when everything comes together.

  • CajoleJuice

    The game is just the perfect example of a simple concept with flawless execution.