My DVD Buying Habits Are Out Of Control

2007 October 15
by CajoleJuice

I have a DVD backlog. If that isn’t embarrassing enough, it is now in the double-digits. I don’t know how it happened so quickly. Granted, I received a few as gifts, but there’s still a handful that I couldn’t stop myself from buying. The prices were just too good! A while back, I bought Pi and Empire of the Sun for basically the same price it would’ve cost to rent them from Blockbuster. So can you really blame me? (Today I bought Leon The Professional and Layer Cake for $10 each, though)

Maybe I should just get a Netflix account. It would be cheaper and I wouldn’t be adding to the massive DVD collection that is rapidly devouring all the shelf space in my room. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be able to pull out such a large assortment of movies whenever a friend says he hasn’t seen a certain one.

Anyhow, for your amusement and mockery, here is my DVD backlog:

- Empire of the Sun
- Layer Cake
- Easy Rider
- Leon The Professional
- The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear
- The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult
- Pi
- The Fountain
- The Young Ones (British TV series)
- Gjidorah
- Judge Dredd

The last four I got in a gift box. I’m not even counting the handful of anime DVDs I got in said gift package. The only way I’ll touch those is out of respect to the person who gave them to me. Anth, if you’re reading this, it’s called Hellsing. This list doesn’t even include DVDs of movies/TV shows that I had already seen prior to buying and subsequently haven’t watched on DVD yet. Having a gaming backlog is understandable since games actually take some effort, time, and sometimes skill, but watching a movie only takes sitting on your ass for an average of 2 hours. I need to learn how to save.

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