Unnecessary Review: Jackass Number Two

2007 January 23
by CajoleJuice

I don’t know why I’m bothering with this. Jackass Number Two is comprised of the same stuff you’ve seen (or not seen) before on the MTV show, the first movie, and the CKY videos that started their run before them. Gross gags involving penises, asses, and shit, dangerous stunts involving rockets and deadly animals, and a few pranks mixed in. I’ve personally never liked the grossout stuff, i.e. anything that Steve-O does. That was something the CKY videos (at least the first two) didn’t have, and they were that much better for it. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the pranks and the rest of the crazy shit these guys do. It’s the things everyone wishes they had the balls, pain tolerance, or money to do. Turning a staircase into a snow hill, playing on a seesaw with red flags on it inside a bullring, launching off in the rocket…it goes on and on. A few of the pranks go on for a bit too long this time around, though. And don’t watch the unrated bonus footage unless you want to see penis after penis. Moreover, many of the deleted scenes aren’t worth the watch, but there’s so much material that some of it was bound to be subpar. I don’t know what else to say. If you’re a fan of Jackass, you’ve probably already seen the movie. If you’re not, you’re probably never going to see it. This was pointless. I hope you enjoyed it.

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