Sometimes I Miss Great Internet Sites

2011 April 12
by CajoleJuice

Yes, despite hooking my veins directly to the world wide web every waking hour, something completely awesome on the internet occasionally flies under my personal radar for an extended period of time. It’s embarrassing, but it happens to the most-internet-addicted of us. Maybe I can blame focusing so much on baseball since helping to kick off Roto Hardball.

Now, I have known of the great Alamo Drafthouse theaters for a while now, as they’ve been touted at the coolest places to go see a movie countless times. Unfortunately(?), I don’t live in Texas, so I’ve never been to one (ok, there’s one in Virginia, but whatever). Although, I have seen some of the badass posters that have adored their walls — I just didn’t know until recently that there was one website where all of them are put up for sale.

Mondo only sells a limited run of each poster, and once they sell out they are flipped on eBay for three to ten times the price. It sucks for a person like me who goes back and sees dozens of posters he wants, only to find out they are either impossible to find or impossible for any sane human being sans six-figure salary to buy without feeling immense guilt and shame.

If you want to look through all their past posters, the Mondo blog is the place to go, even though it’ll take you a while to get through all 50+ tumblr pages. This guy has an insane collection that I hope he amassed solely from direct purchases.

I’ll just post one of my favorites below created by Olly Moss — maybe just because it’s There Will Be Blood. There are plenty of other posters worthy of displaying here.

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