A Great Sports Weekend

2007 March 29
by CajoleJuice

Baseball is almost here. As of 8:05 EST on Sunday, the 2007 MLB regular season will have started. I can’t fucking wait. Baseball just owns everything. I really enjoy the NFL and all, but it’s only 16 games and it’s only one day a week. Baseball is basically every damn day for six months, and hopefully more. It’s so awesome.

If you’re wondering why I have a picture of Busch Stadium, of all places, it’s because that’s where Opening Night is taking place. Opening Night sounds weird, though. It really should just be Opening Day for all the teams on Monday. But anyway, Mets vs. Cardinals – 8:05 EST, ESPN2. Glavine vs. Carpenter. Be there.

I really need to make a predictions post for the 2007 season.

And if that wasn’t enough, the night before will be filled with Ohio State vs. Georgetown and Florida vs. UCLA. I personally care about the former about five times more. Not only because of an East Coast bias, but because it includes the first clash of two legitimate collegiate big men in 20 years in Greg “I swear I’m 18″ Oden and Roy Hibbert. You’re already heard that a million times though, so I’ll refrain from hyping it up any more. I just hope Hibbert puts up more of a fight than the last guy who had to match up against Oden. His name isnt even worth mentioning nor remembering because he made a fool out of himself. As for the other game, I just want Florida to lose. I don’t want the championship game to look like this:

Edit: I didn’t even realize the Mavs and Suns were facing each other again this Sunday. Unfortunately, there’s about a .001% chance of the game being better than their last matchup.

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  • http://frankv.calise.us Frank

    Met’s pitching in shambles but hopefully they turn out fun to watch again this season. I guess I better study for my Statistics exam prior to 8pm Sunday night then.

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    Yea, I was going to make a joke about Glavine being a one-man rotation. It really is Glavine and then… everyone else. Pedro is gone for God knows how long, El Duque is 50 years old, and the other three (Maine, Perez, and Pelfrey) are all question marks. But honestly, I have faith in at least two of those three pulling out decent winning seasons. I like Maine a lot, Perez showed some guts in the NLCS, and Pelfrey has had an awesome spring. I can’t say much about him personally because I haven’t been watching.

    And it’s not like the Yankees rotation is that much better. Carl “Pussy” Pavano starting your first game can’t be a good thing. At least Pettitte is back. The catch is, the Yankees are in the same division as the Red Sox, whose starting staff is a bit better, especially if Beckett gets his shit together. But we all know the Yankees will do everything in their power in July to add another good arm to their rotation if they’re a few games back.

  • http://frankv.calise.us Frank

    Well I have MLB.tv and have been watching alot of spring training games for like any team I want. Starting April 2 I can watch 6 games at once will be pretty sweet. Pelfrey has some food stuff. Perez has to have control down in order to not give up 70 runs. Maine I don’t really like, but some how just by throwing an 87 mph fastball every pitch, he gets people out? You think they would catch on. I still love El Duque’s 90mph fastball and then the 60mph curve though. And Glavine will pitch forever since he doesn’t throw that fast, just puts it where he wants it.

    But I also have faith in the Yankees to beat out the Sox. I don’t think what happened freshman hear will or should ever happen again. A-Rod seems to be playing well too which is good. Wang is on DL now too though but I don’t think for long. Also I heard Clemens might go to Sox also but who knows. I really hate what he is doing and don’t think he should get paid his amount of money like that by not being with the team until July or whatever it is.

  • http://frankv.calise.us Frank

    I said food stuff for Pelfrey, meant good obviously.

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    Yea, I personally feel it’s impossible not to pick the Yankees at this point. Just like you couldn’t pick anyone but the Braves for a decade in the NL East. They just seem to get it done.

    As for Clemens, I already have something written up about him, I just need to type it up. He’s an asshole.