I Missed My Chance To Be Optimistic About The Mets

2010 July 22

At the All-Star Break, it looked like maybe the Mets had a chance, sitting 5 games back of Atlanta and only 1.5 games back of the wild-card with a record of 48-41. Carlos Beltran was coming back. Hopefully Jose Reyes was going to come back healthy this time. Maybe Jason Bay would pick it up. If they managed to go 5 games over .500 for the rest of the season, they would end up with 88 wins — possibly enough to win the wild-card or even the division.

Now all that has turned to fucking shit. David Wright is back to being totally fucking cold. Jason Bay is getting WORSE. Carlos Beltran is clearly not 100%, yet he’s put in CF even while he’s wearing a goddamn knee brace. There’s a guy named Angel Pagan who played CF the entire first half and was one of the best fucking CF in the National League, but because Beltran has a massive ego and expects to play CF, he can’t be moved to RF to accommodate the player who’s NOT WEARING A FUCKING KNEE BRACE. Angel Pagan has EASILY been the second-best player on the team, and probably the most consistent. At least Jeff Francoeur isn’t playing.

But maybe that’s why Jason Bay feels the need to stand in for him? To generate the lost suckage? Holy fucking shit. 0-6 with 4 Ks. Remember last year when we all wondered where David Wright’s power went? His SLG at the end of the season was .447. Jason Bay’s is currently .403. Brett Gardner’s SLG is .399. BRETT GARDNER. This is NOT a guy renowned for his power stroke. This Bay contract is turning out to be a bigger disaster than I expected. Sure, he can bounce back in the next two months, but he’s not going to get any better over the length of the contract. This is BAD.

Oh, and I got to watch Oliver Perez pitch tonight out the bullpen. I want him to pull a Carlos Zambrano and just get himself kicked off the team. Somehow he didn’t blow the game, but he came pretty close, with only the D-Backs total ineptitude saving his worthless ass. Less than worthless. Please Ollie, be gangsta and stab someone else shitty on the team, preferably Alex Cora. You’ll be suspended indefinitely, and hopefully Cora will never play baseball again.

Can I even manage to spew any bile Jerry Manuel’s way? He did double-switch Ike Davis out of the game so he could move Alex Cora to 1B and Luis Castillo to 2B. That was totally awesome. And he keeps starting Barajas, who has a OBP of .265. Sure, he hit a home run. WHOOP-DE-FREAKING-DO. Maybe if he didn’t, I would have been able to go to sleep two pointless hours ago instead of watching 14 pathetic innings of baseball.

I hate this team.

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  • pollo

    To be fair, Bay hit at least 3 homeruns against the Yankees during the Citifield series that went for routine popups.

    You can blame that cavern he plays in.

    • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

      Remember when the Mets said they did analysis that proved Bay was a better fit for Citi Field than Holliday? LOL

      And I wanted to mention this in the post, but completely forgot once I was in the heat of the moment:

      My friend’s dad was watching a “Mets Classic” from last year and the possibility of Bay coming to the Mets was brought up. Keith Hernandez said that would be a disaster and that Bay was a horrible fit for this park. Keith > Omar

  • The Frankman

    I’m not sure you’re the optimistic type at all. I call shenanigans.

    • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

      No, probably not. But there was a chance for a few days!