Nice To See The Mets’ 2010 Season Is Over Before It Started

2010 January 16

I can’t even be bothered to spell out the entire saga of Carlos Beltran’s surgery that may or may not have been run by or approved by Omar Minaya or someone else in the Mets’ front office or medical staff or who gives a flying fuck. The only thing that matters is that yet another injury has been mishandled in a way that massively affects the Mets on the field. There doesn’t seem to an expected date for Beltran’s return, but estimates put it at May? June? July? I seriously do not care enough in January to make sense of all the conflicting rumors and reports and interviews transcripts I’ve read the past few days.

Why do I care at all? I already knew the Mets weren’t going anywhere this year. Oh, you signed Jason Bay? Congrats, you made up for the black fucking hole in right field. At least the pitching market seems totally stagnant. Maybe the Mets won’t have to give Joel Pineiro more than 2/15. We’ll see.

But still, I can’t remember what I write on this blog or in IM or on forums, so I’ll just say it’s amazing how far this organization has fallen since 2006. Holy shit. Even after that devastating Game 7, there were at least five reasons to be excited about the next few years. And look what the fuck has happened. Jose Reyes never reached that imaginary MVP potential so many people were hoping and now he may have permanently lost a step. Beltran, who the fuck knows. David Wright had a power outage of historical proportions. Oliver Perez is a headcase. John Maine can’t stay healthy. Sigh.

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