Weekend Links – 5/22/10

2010 May 22

This weekend’s links are presented to you by this clip from Peep Show, since I’m all about trying to make use of my invites to the UK TV torrent tracker thebox.bz.

Accidental Penis – No, this is not a blog of “penis slips”, but pictures of stuff that look like penises. Much more Safe for Work.

The Fangraphs UZR Primer – This is just about all one could ever want to know about the now ubiquitous fielding metric that is a component of Fangraphs’ WAR calculation. I can’t believe I read it all.

A Few More Predictions – Joe Posnanski goes off and writes another few thousand words about baseball — words that you should read.

Shit My Kids Ruined – A tumblr blog of shit…ruined…by kids. I got nothing. Just click for schadenfreude.

Gateways to Geekery: Spaghetti Westerns – I’ve already seen The Good, The Bad And The Ugly; now I need to follow the rest of this guide to awesome westerns made over in Europe.

Harmful Drinks in America – I thought about not including this, because I feel like some of the comparisons are either wrong or just retarded, but they do emphasize the fact that most of the food (or drink, in this case) out there is slowly killing you.

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