Starcraft II Haiku

2010 May 9
by CajoleJuice

I feel like I haven’t embraced the “nerd” in my blog name all that much recently (until maybe the Inception ogling). So I’m going to make up for that by encapsulating that word as embarrassingly as possible. Maybe I’ll have some more if I start playing as something other than Terran so much.

build missile turrets
due to extra minerals
goddamn it brood lords

concentrate on rush
marines, ‘rauders, medivacs
then forget to tech

awesome mothership
so huge, cool abilities
blown up by vikings

block the entrance ramp
wall of depots and barracks
leave one space open

confusing units
new ones; like hellions, thors
no clue how to use

2 v 2 random
heavily favored at start
teammate disconnects

korea awaits
for july twenty-seventh
new national sport

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