Starcraft II Actually Coming Out EARLIER Than I Expected

2010 May 3


I could post the press release to make it all official, but who reads those things anyway. We all know what Starcraft II will be — especially those of us in the beta. I hadn’t played it in over a month, but playing with a friend who just got a key was fun. Because I man-handled him. Winning makes things more fun. As opposed to, say, watching Johan Santana give up 10 runs to the Phillies.

But really, I thought this would be coming out in the fall sometime. July? Why’d you have to cut into summer, Blizzard? There goes a whole month of August sun. In addition to getting owned by Koreans in multiplayer, there will be 29 missions and challenge-mode mini-games, too.

So I guess I need to play through the campaigns in the original and expansion while watching replays of SC2 multiplayer prodigies, right?

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