The Playstation 3 Is The Official Console For Baseball Fans

2010 April 22
by CajoleJuice

The PS3 was already the go-to console for the best baseball video game on the market – MLB: The Show – but now Sony has just cemented my apparent need to switch allegiances.

New York Times

The Sony Corporation will announce Thursday that it has signed a deal to bring Major League Baseball’s live streaming service to PlayStation3 video game consoles.

By the end of the week, PlayStation owners will be able to sign up with MLB.TV to watch out-of-market baseball games transmitted over the Internet. It is the latest in a series of digital distribution deals recently announced by sports franchises.

The PlayStation deal is MLB’s first with a video game maker, giving Sony a leg up for the time being. Users of the PlayStation Network online service will be able to gain access to the existing MLB.TV package, which includes hundreds of baseball games — excluding local team games and others that are broadcast on TV — for an annual fee. There is a revenue split associated with the deal, but Sony would not specify the terms.

People in the NeoGAF MLB thread have already tested out the MLB app on their PS3s and the responses seem to be a bit mixed. The big problem is the MLB.TV blackouts. Since I actually live in the same area as my favorite (shitty) team, I can’t watch them on MLB.TV. So I couldn’t cut ties from cable if I wanted to, since I want to watch Oliver Perez suck and Jason Bay strike out twice a game.

Nonetheless, it’s really cool to see MLB allowing its fans to watch games in as many ways as possible: internet browsers, iPhone, iPad, now PS3. They should just have an option to be able to pay to watch local games — JUST local games if that’s what the person wants. I guess that would be too utopian, though.

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