Inception Hits Theaters July 16th

2010 April 22

I just thought you’d like a reminder, considering there is basically no other interesting movie coming out anytime soon. But who knows, maybe you’re excited for Iron Man 2, or Robin Hood, or The A-Team, or Sex and the City 2. I really enjoyed Iron Man solely due to Robert Downey Jr.’s performance, but I’m just not excited at all for its sequel. Robin Hood looks like Gladiator 2: The Middle Ages, which would have appealed to the teenaged me, but I can’t see it rising above mediocre now. I’m not even going to acknowledge the other two.

There’s also Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Karate Kid, and MacGruber – all destined to be instant classics, I’m sure. Ok, I concede that Toy Story 3 will undoubtedly be in line with the quality of Pixar’s previous work, but I’m not a rabid fan and I’m certainly not going to see that in theaters unless there is a female next to me.

So yeah, the three months leading up to Inception look pretty goddamn bleak. I just want my Christopher Nolan fix. I should probably get it by watching Following, huh?

Just so there’s something new in the post, hit the jump for a viral video for Inception.

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  • Glasd

    I’m not excited for anything other than Inception and Toy Story 3. Iron Man 2 will just be commercial fluff. The first one was a thoroughly pedestrian affair, so I don’t expect anything from the second.

  • CajoleJuice

    I can’t disagree with that, even if — like I said — I enjoyed the first one. Anyone other than RDJ and I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought.