I Remember Now Why I Always End Up Switching Back to Firefox

2010 April 22
by CajoleJuice

Only a month ago, I said that I had probably made a permanent move to Google Chrome as my primary internet browser, but its bugs and quirks are starting to wear on me. This has happened at least a couple of times before.

- The slow animated GIF problem will always be there. And in addition to that, I had heard some Mac users complain about how GIFs need to load completely before they animated at all, but I hadn’t come across it until a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, it only lasted for a day or two. I have no idea what happened.

- When I was recently looking for info on golf handicaps, I was directed to About.com and when I got there, the correct formatting flashed for about 0.3 seconds before reverting back to a 1995-style webpage with no formatting whatsoever. I try reloading numerous times and the same thing happened everytime. And it happened with a bunch of About.com pages. But hey, it seems to be working now!

- Highlighting text can be extremely wonky sometimes. I have no way to expand on this — it’s just very annoying.

- Almost every time I click on the “Publish” button after finishing up a blog post, it ends up loading forever and I need to highlight my entire post and copy it and then refresh the page and paste it back in the editing box and hit “Publish” again. I even tried hitting “Save Draft” before attempting to publish, and while it worked the first time around, that was not indicative of future attempts.

- As someone commented in my last Chrome-related post, the search bar (apparently called the OmniBox?) is not nearly as quick as the Firefox AwesomeBar. It is also much less reliable.

- In preparation for my Song of the Week post yesterday, I attempted to listen to the direct link of “Sorrow” only to greeted with a second of painful corruption noise before the song actually started. I thought the song got corrupted during its upload to my webspace, but when I tested it in Firefox, it was totally fine. And when I tested it within its Flash player in the actual blog post, it was also fine. Bizarre.

These complaints aren’t enough to push me back to Firefox because it’s much easier to stick with the status quo, and that is now Chrome for me, minor frustrating issues aside. It just sheds some light on why Chrome hasn’t eaten much into Firefox’s marketshare; IE has been the browser hurt most by Chrome since the latter’s release.

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