REAL TALK – 4/19/10

2010 April 19

This edition of REAL TALK is presented by the realest talk of the past week.

- I haven’t played the Starcraft II beta in weeks. And I’ve procrastinated from writing a blog post about it for over a month. I’m just reminded of why I didn’t play the original as much I convince myself sometimes — because the game is totally unforgiving and makes me want to smash my mouse into my desk over and over. I don’t feel like watching replays to be competitive.

- Ike Davis is the New York Mets savior of the moment. With two hits, he’s at least off to a better start than Fernando Martinez last year. They still won’t finish above .500.

- The Twitter consensus is in: The Bourne Identity is the best Bourne movie. Paul Greengrass must be devastated by this news.

- Chuck probably should have just ended with its episode two weeks ago, unless somehow the last batch of episodes are extremely awesome. But I guess it’s NBC’s fault. Like always.

- I am a scrub-burning machine. While friends drink way too much around me, my grittiness and determination when it comes to sending smoke into the atmosphere is unparalleled. So scrappy.

- Someone I follow on Google Reader keeps sharing articles about Inception. I scroll by all of them because I might as well stay as spoiler-free as possible if I’m already set on seeing it opening weekend.

- Albums from The Black Keys, The National, The Gaslight Anthem, and some other bands I never really listened to leaked today or yesterday or something. I will listen to them and post the best shit in resurrected Song of the Week posts.

- I still haven’t watched last week’s Lost episode. And I thought I enjoyed the previous episode. I guess not?

- The leaked iPhone prototype — combined with iPhone OS 4.0 — seems pretty freaking sweet. Come to Verizon, please.

- LeBron James is really good at basketball. I need to work on my vertical leap just in case he comes to the Knicks. Don’t want to miss the bandwagon.

- I can’t remember ever seriously using index cards in my entire academic career. Yet I recently made a set just to learn some world capitals for pub trivia. What am I doing with my life.

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  • Malcolm

    I’m the same way with Starcraft. I haven’t played SC II Beta, but I totally convince myself that I played multiplayer in the first one way more than I did. I just played the campaign obsessively. And when I went into the multiplayer, I loved it when I played 3v3 top vs bottom and I was paired with 2 good players. I’d immediately volunteer to handle defenses. I just go around building turrets. This makes me less excited for SC II now that I think about it. Especially since I have to pay $120? for all 3 campaigns.

    • CajoleJuice

      Another Terran player, I see? And yeah, 3v3 was the best. Another reason why I haven’t played the beta in a while — it doesn’t have 3v3.