I Love Internet Meltdowns

2010 April 19

Sure, most times when a celebrity loses his or her mind on the internet, it’s a publicity stunt. This fact doesn’t make such occurrences any less entertaining.

Just now Jose Canseco, of 40-40 and steroid fame, totally lost his shit on Twitter. I have little doubt the story will be on Deadspin within the hour.


U fucking scum bags don’t have the balls to get in the ring mean while u talk shit about me say it to my face low life humans

I wish I could bring this anger into the ring btween what baseball has done to me and u fucking haters I could kill somèone rite now

Remember the movie 300 that’s tbhe way it should be get rid of the shit at birth would be a better world today

Look in the mirror and ask urself have u told the truth lately or lied and kissed someones ass to benifit urself

@MARIALOUISE46 y do we have so many religions and only one god

If I where president respect and honesty would be established again just like in japan learn from that culture

If I had a “Quotes of the Day” section like I used to have on my LiveJournal 5 years ago, Canseco would win all the slots. He’s probably upset about his taxes.

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