I Love Ozzie Guillen

2007 March 21
by CajoleJuice

It’s always nice to get some respite from the typical A-Rod and Bonds ESPN (and the rest of the media, really) coverage. No steroids or children’s books that reveal deep seeded emotional problems – just a guy that spits out awesome quotes like Charles Barkley in his heyday. He’s called Jay Mariotti a ‘fucking fag’, and A-Rod a ‘hypocrite’; he basically says whatever he wants because he brought home the first ChiSox title in almost a century.

Now his latest, spurred on by talk of the 20-year reunion of the 1983 playoff White Sox team in 2003:

”Those ceremonies — ‘Oh, let’s bring back those guys from 2005,’ we’re all crippled and fucked up, pushing wheelchairs, kids crying because his dad was on the ballclub — fuck that,” Guillen said. ”I don’t need that bull. A bunch of fat guys, another one is broke. ‘Hey, where’s your ring?’ ‘Oh, I don’t know, I sold that son of a bitch two years ago.’”

Amazing. It just doesn’t get much better than that. For a guy who doesn’t speak English perfectly well, he sure knows how to paint a graphic picture. The baseball season kicks off in a week and Ozzie is already in top form.

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