Your Belated Suburban Song of the Week

2010 September 16

Arcade Fire – Ready to Start

I’ve been tempted to post another Sleigh Bells song, but I have finally gotten around to checking out The Suburbs a bit over the past week or two. This YouTube video has been around for three months, so I’m definitely way behind. Anyone reading this has probably already listened to this song. Oh well. At least I’m documenting my listening habits with these posts.

The Suburbs is a grower, but even after a few listens, I still prefer a bunch of other albums this year — including the one from the aforementioned Sleigh Bells. Fuck, that album is just too fun. I also still prefer Neon Bible, if only because there’s a few songs on that album that are just phenomenal, and better than anything on The Suburbs for me. But we’ll see if it grows on me anymore in the coming months.

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