Breaking Bad > Health Care Reform

2010 March 21
by CajoleJuice

I try not to spoil stuff usually, but I’m just going to pretend anyone actually caring to read this post watches Breaking Bad, and if you don’t, you haven’t listened to me enough.

While the House voted on health care reform, the best show on television came back with a bang — more like an explosion really. You’ve seen it in every promo. The twins calmly walking away from an exploding van was just the cherry on top of an episode which featured them being total badasses without saying a word. (Apparently, that was a real explosion.) I think badassery has an inverse relationship with loquaciousness.

The episode was both wrap-up and set-up, dealing with the consequences of the crash of last season, but also dropping the bomb of Skylar knowing where Walt got all that money, and Walt revealing the exact nature of his business — he’s a manufacturer! He also declines a 3-million-dollar offer– but I feel like he’ll come crawling back to that in a few episodes.

Meh, you know what, screw this; I can’t bring myself to write about a 43-minute episode of television. Sure, I can conjure up a blog post about a film that’s three times as long, but I don’t think anyone is coming to this blog for a mediocre-to-bad analysis of a Breaking Bad episode. Am I wrong here? I’ll direct you to a couple of reviews if that’s what you really want.

A.V. Club
Alan Sepinwall

The more important thing today is health care reform. It passed. But that I can’t write about at all because I know nothing and I don’t like to pretend I know something when I really don’t — unlike 90% of people out there. And approximately 99% of the protesters. This is why I write about baseball a lot — because I know it better than you. My fantasy results prove it! But yeah, I’m happy the Democrats at least showed some semblance of balls pushing this through. So the blog post title is a lie, ok? So sue me. Hell, Glenn Beck tomorrow might be better than tonight’s season premiere episode of Breaking Bad.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the cold open for tonight’s episode had to be the most bizarre I’ve ever seen.

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