Your Math Rock-Influenced Post-Rock Song of the Week

2010 February 26

65daysofstatic – This Cat is a Landmine

I’ve actually had the album — The Fall of Math — that this track is on for quite a while, but never gave it a listen. That may be due to it being in a random post-rock album collection I acquired at some point in time; I didn’t know any of the bands and never really gave them any sort of priority. But due to a tweet where I posted an Explosions in the Sky song, and a sort back-and-forth about the drums during the climax at the end, @waxinthaksin (Karakand on GAF and other places on the web) linked to this YouTube video, which pretty much blew my face off with its insanity in the middle.

Since then, I’ve been listening to The Fall of Math more regularly than I have any other full album in probably a year or two. No post-rock album ever grabbed me like this. I like quite a few Explosions in the Sky songs, and Mogwai ones as well, but their meandering softer parts sometimes bore me to death. 65daysofstatic is definitely a different type of post-rock band, and it certainly provides a nice soundtrack for playing Starcraft II.

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